Equipment Cash Rebate Program

Get up to $80,000 in rebates with our alternative funding program.


Equipment lease of business machines. Average funding amount is $20-40k per bank. Receive 80% of that amount as a rebate.

For example: Get approved for $50,000 in equipment lease. Receive $40,000 as a rebate.


  • 650 minimum credit score on Equifax and Experian
  • No recent lates past 24 months
  • Minimum of 3 trade lines
  • Business Checking Account
  • No bank or tax returns needed.
  • Age of Corporation or time in business needed at least 3 years
  • Dun& Bradstreet is okay with no trade lines.
  • Commercial Address Required


Turn around time 5-7 business days to finalize approval. 24-48 hrs to fund.

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